Who We Are



DuMonk is a creative consulting platform of enquiring minds, hard workers and unashamed perfectionists. We help brands achieve success through intelligent design.

Our process starts with a co-creation. Before we sketch a single idea, we always investigate, listen and learn. Here we ask our clients unexpected questions and challenge accepted ways of thinking. Often, we help them rediscover what makes their company/brand truly exceptional.

It’s a stimulating process, where work a side this building process. Our open-mind mentality speaks out, We never shy away from the important issues. It’s how we build the trust and knowledge we need to position, push and protect their brand as a true partner.

As well as nailing the bigger picture, we get the details right too. Our dedication, you could say obsession, to quality is meticulous.

We’re an ambitious platform, not motivated by money or awards. It’s about doing what’s right for the project, at the right price. And together, we transform perceptions – helping to create brands that people believe in.



Branding Strategist / Denim & Fashion consultant

Out of my expertise as a Trend Researcher & Social media addict, I started my own consultancy company. From here I can provide expertise in how to create the correct branding tools, As I understood a big need for common storytelling/visibility is out there. All this supported by an own created platform of specialized experts, each in their own field (Packaging, Trend Reports, Logo Design, Webpage, …)  

As I´m convinced branding is going to the next level. As today next to Fashion brands also Stores, Garment manufacturing, fabric mills & Laundries need proper storytelling. To place their company in the picture, what their capabilities are in a more fashionable Branded approach. Our key focus/expertise is in the likes of Denim/Fashion & Retail.

My own expertise and created platform, can also be requested for guest speaking on seminars & training sessions. Out of own interests the focus here lies in the likes of Branding, Trends, Sustainability and Social Awareness.



image by Pascale Boedt©

image by Pascale Boedt©

"People don´t buy WHAT you do , 
They buy WHY you do it"
-Simon Sinek