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Atelier LDM



It all started when...

Luc De Maeght & Kris Dumon finally meet in person, there they discovered a synergy between both of them. Completing each others strengths in an amazingly way. For some people its like they reading each others mind, creating new way´s how Fashion can be approached. Adding there Passion and Love for products, they are able to create your future dream. 

Inspired and guided by the influences around us in the daily life they have an ability to bring innovation. People working with them feel like a New Born Star, as for them everyone can be a star having its own moment of fame. Its all about a mindset fed from the soul. 

If you have a creative project if its now in the direction of Fashion, Interior Design or Concept creation, this duo can bring you new insights others where not able to provide you before...

Find out more on www.AtelierLDM.com