Realistic yet conceptual. Provocative and engaging. Design & concepts for brands, companies, and people.

Live from the field that inspire me ...

Live from the field that inspire me ...


Kris Dumon

Branding Strategist / Denim & Fashion Addict / Concept Designer

Having worked for years within the industry for leading companies such as VF Corporation & Avery Dennison RBIS, I saw the need for a Branding agency knowing the field. 

From there I understood there is abig need for a branding/concept agency, understands both sides of the industry. Having worked as Sourcing manager, Branding expert, Product developer & Trend & Insights Specialist. My feeling/knowledge how people think, work, create and move at both sides of the table; provide me an unique insight to find the missing link your looking for. Together with my own created industry experts we can offer a creative consulting platform, with a different view than any traditional agency. As we are friends working for years in the field, respecting and bringing value to each others work of expertise.

This makes every project or day we work, is just all about having fun, doing where we good at giving our partners/clients the tools to be different in what they are good at. 


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