image by Boedtgroep©

image by Boedtgroep©


DuMonk is a creative consulting platform of enquiring minds, hard workers and unashamed perfectionists. We help brands achieve success through intelligent design.

Our process starts with a co-creation. Before we sketch a single idea, we always investigate, listen and learn. Here we ask our clients unexpected questions and challenge accepted ways of thinking. Often, we help them rediscover what makes their company/brand truly exceptional.

It’s a stimulating process, where work a side this building process. Our open-mind mentality speaks out, We never shy away from the important issues. It’s how we build the trust and knowledge we need to position, push and protect their brand as a true partner.

As well as nailing the bigger picture, we get the details right too. Our dedication, you could say obsession, to quality is meticulous.



DuMonk works with a group of industry experts on a freelance base, situated in the heart of London, historical Bruges and sunny LA.  It provides us a freedom to work with the best Designers, Marketeers, Graphic Artists or other specialists to give your project the "Hip" from Hipster and "Wanna" from Wannabe.


Our Founder

Branding Strategist / Denim & Fashion/ Concept Designer

Having worked for years within the industry for leading companies such as VF Corporation & Avery Dennison RBIS, I saw the need for a Branding agency knowing the field. 

From there I understood theirs  big need for a branding/concept agency, understand both sides of the industry Brands and how branding solutions are made. From my own background having worked as Sourcing manager, Branding expert, Product developer & Trend & Insights Specialist. I created this creative consulting platform, working with friends I worked with over the past years.

Like this every project or day we work is just all about having fun, doing where we good at giving our clients the tools to be unique in their segment. 


Where we stand for 

We’re an ambitious platform, not motivated by money or awards. It’s about doing what’s right for the project, at the right price. And together, we transform perceptions – helping to create brands that people believe in.

Our services can also be asked for seminars, or team buildings events. To inspire your team how you can be unique, by being YOU...